Everyone has gotten a look at this website, nice to meet you.

Japanese Hiroshi Miyauchi Counseling for foreigners

Everyone watching this page, nice to meet you.

I am Hiroshi Miyauchi, the director of the psychological counseling room "Michishiki".

Based on Hokkaido, Japan, based in Sapporo, I am doing psychological counseling by business trip.


We mainly provide psychological counseling to remedy heart trouble and problems to individual clients and prevention counseling to manage concerns and anxiety during turning points. Also, we are offering sessions from foreign viewpoints to foreigners as well as from Japanese.


What is the state of trouble?

  • A state where distance can not be taken from the problem.
  • A state in which the movement of the heart has stopped.
  • I can never forget anything.

It is not big bad or trouble, it is not good bad.

For those living in Japan, the country of Japan, the culture and corporate culture of the affiliated company, the communication with the Japanese, whichever Japan is difficult! Is not there some people who feel it?

I pay homage to the courage and actions of foreigners who are away from my home country and in Japan. We provide counseling in the existential part of Japan in addition to psychological counseling and preventive counseling for everyone living in an environment different from home country such as climate, living environment, infrastructure, political economy, culture, customs etc. I will do.

▷For foreigners

In addition, we will correspond with Japan who are not in Japan, but have a connection with Japan, regularly visiting Japan.

If you would like to consult with a Japanese counselor via interpreter, please do not hesitate to contact us.



❖ For example, such a person

  • I am suffering from a unique relationship in Japan during my stay in Japan
  • I am suffering from Japanese customs and culture in Japan
  • I have difficulty communicating with Japanese people in Japan
  • I would like to request counseling when I am a non-resident but I came to Japan, etc.

❖ Object

  • Individuals
  • Corporations, organizations
  • Circle, community, etc.

❖ Flow

  1. Please send from inquiry form.
  2. I will give you a call back email or phone. We will decide the details by communication.

If you can speak Japanese, but are not good at writing Japanese, the inquiry form is pretty much your mother tongue.

On the next page, I, I will carry out self-introduction of Hiroshi Miyauchi.