Our counseling advantages and disadvantages, for fees and investment

Japanese Hiroshi Miyauchi Counseling for foreigners

Nature, the world, things, there are all two sides. If the analogy in mind light and dark, self-confidence and anxiety, joy and sorrow, such as.
Way of counseling also thought that there is no perfect mechanism of the only benefits.

Of course, psychological counseling room "Michishiki" is also not perfect. So because you put the pros and cons, here Please also one of the decisions.



  • Since I am face-to-face counseling on a business trip, I will visit.
  • Personal people basically do it in a public place. For example, hotel lounge. Public places can be done in neutral environments, not in counselor or client side areas.
    For corporations, groups, circles, community units, we will ask where you want.
  • Psychological counselor Hiroshi Miyauchi has a rich social experience. I also have a foreign residence history. Regardless of male or female, we will support with client's attitude in consideration of the environment, creed, work, social position etc.


  • Face to face counseling by business trip is the main, so there are limits to the number of clients per day.
  • I value emphasis on face to face. We will not conduct counseling by e-mail or Skype. If you would like to consult with e-mail and Skype, please consult with the corresponding counselor.

For counseling fees and management

  • Individuals are 5,400 yen for 1 hour interview. (Japanese consumption tax included)
    For corporate, group, circle, community please contact us.
  • The business trip area is all over Japan.
    If you wish to travel to the client's home country, please contact us. Third countries are not allowed.
  • Visit the interview place to the designated place. However, we will make it a region accessible by transportation.
  • Expense
    Please pay the cost of transportation, accommodation etc. accompanying my movement.
    Also, if I travel to my client's country, I will arrange an interpreter as needed.
  • Please check the schedule of holidays and business trips with the following calendar.

  • Currently, visits to medical institutions in the treatment, or those who are hospitalized, is consult the teacher in charge, please sign up, if possible.
  • In addition, those psychological counseling room is because it is not a medical institution, there is no application of the health insurance. Please note.

Schedule for holidays, business trips

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