Counselor self-introduction

It is Hiroshi Miyauchi of psychological counseling room "Michishiki" Chief

Japanese Hiroshi Miyauchi Counseling for foreigners

Born in Saitama Prefecture

  • APC included psychological education institute practical end of the course
  • General All Japan information learning the Association for the Promotion of authorized personal information protection officer
  • Wheelchair guide helper
  • Counselor for welfare equipment
  • Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Welfare Resident Coordinator Third grade
  • Tertiary amateur radio engineer

Thank you very much for coming to the psychotherapy room "Michishiki" website.

I am Hiroshi Miyauchi, the director.

I was involved in finance and telemarketing work.

After conducting various jobs and positions with sales person, consulting, team leader, management, we are conducting psychological counseling based in Sapporo.


In the era of company workers, under the baptism of globalization and technological innovation such as IT, the society continued to change, a new way of thinking and various values were in the midst of appearance.

Of course, the flow is currently in progress, and in the future not only influential sources, but also individuals such as SNS will be subdivided and the market will be more fragmented and diversified more and more.


If I think about myself, it is commonplace to suffer endlessly, such as interpersonal relationships, how to face work, my abilities and existence value.

At that time, I felt a sense of inferiority, compared with a person who is doing impossible, troubled too much and breaking down his physical condition and accusing myself of self-management and self, being healthy and doing well.


Hiroshi Miyauchi biography

My professional experience is the job of the financial main.

He has been involved in various occupations, including sales, credit management, consulting, marketing. If you write cleanly it will be like this, but actually it is as follows.


  • Sales of commodity futures trading: It is sales of commodity futures investment and commodity funds. Taking the qualification of a registered sales officer, 500 phone calls per day in the telephone directory, deciding the area, 100 daily departures per day. We walked around while studying product knowledge, foreign exchange and stock markets, weather of the production area and market trends of exporting countries, monetary policy and politics. Though it is strange, even if you are refused, those who will listen to the story will appear when you go over and over again. It was a job that I learned to market, to market myself. Customers can make huge profits by moving into the market and sometimes lose without bottom. I learned a lot from investors who liked the market.
  • Accounts receivable management of consumer finance: debt collection. I did various things such as calling up the phone, collecting visits, negotiating lawyers, and courtroom. At that time non-banks also had a hierarchy, bank loans, credit cards, and consumer finance. At that time, banks and credit card companies looked at the documents and lend it, but consumer credit was told to lend people to see · · ·. We did various studies related to common people 's money, such as seeing by examination and collection know - how. Finance is directly connected to real life. Perhaps it was the most useful study.
  • Directors of financial companies: Started from company establishment including establishment of articles of incorporation, establishment registration, stock payment, etc. We have engaged in individual loan and asset sales transactions, established special purpose company overseas (ie tax havens), management consulting etc. Various people such as investors, rich people, bankers, lawyers, interest holders, etc. will appear, the stage spreads both domestically and overseas, the amount of money handled, viewpoint and thinking of things have become bigger. I also participated in the opening of a nightclub store. At the end, it became conflicting with the representative director and other directors on the policy of work, and it was dismissed at the general shareholders meeting. It may be that disassembly is early if you tie up as much as you gather with will.
  • Call center: It has been promoted to a sub manager through operators, supervisors and so on. The forefront of emotional labor. In Japan, occupational status has never been promoted in this type of business which is not expensive. Although it is said to be a terrible work from experienced workers, I learned the influence on the work given by the feelings of people working through unique human patterns and work. Many things to learn are jobs that are said to be terrible. About the call center, I write in detail in my emotional labor engagement experience story, so please read those who are interested.

At first glance it is a work that has nothing to do with counseling. In addition, it is a job that no one wants to do. The common item in my experience is to see that person anyway, to feel that person, to talk to that person, to explore the feelings of that person.


While occupational status is a job that is not expensive, while experiencing a muddy job,


  • Why does such a work exist in the world?
  • Why does this job that no one wants to involve make so much money?
  • What kind of people are these people doing?
  • What kind of person is such a customer of work?
  • With those who support such work, what kind of person is it?
  • I started this job What should I learn?

I was thinking about such a thing. This thinking habit is useful for counseling.


Reason why Hiroshi Miyauchi started counselor

As I pursued the reasons, there was something that I could see.

  • In the first place, why do I want to do a counselor?
  • In the first place, why was it lighter when I was released from trouble?
  • In the first place, why do I find that trouble is good with experience?
  • In the first place,why ...

In a word, everyone is motivated to "wish to live comfortably."

And share the way to live comfortably! I started a counselor.


I had many opportunities to receive consultation.

In my mind I have opportunities to come on steadily although I think "I'd like to talk to someone ...".

We have consultation and troubles on work, and even various things such as private things receive consultation. From practical talks such as work to human relations, life counseling, thought and feelings.

Meanwhile, looking at people who are consulted, what I felt suddenly is that I am looking for answers outside of myself. I was the same. Because it was a series of troubles.

If you are in the midst of trouble it seems that the answer is somewhere outside, someone knows that it is a wonderful person ... I wish it would be nice to have such a person.

But when I was struggling with loneliness abroad I noticed that it was different.

"There is an answer among myself."

As for what I did, when I got stuck, I took inventory of my life. Work experience and feelings of myself, feelings. I wrote it on paper and looked it over.

People like me who can fly abroad, there are no people who can consult. In my case there was a language barrier. Then, I face nature and myself. There is no doubt that this action opened the door.

The awareness at that time was a blurred feeling, I could not express well, but it became possible to language well with the subsequent social experience.


Then, I went to a teacher every Sunday, Tokyo, Ichigaya to learn counseling and made a debut as a counselor without permission.


Modern psychological counseling is needed society

The Japanese will not talk to others. I try to solve it myself. Also, there are many people who have less interaction with people. Some say that no one can talk with real intention, some people do not know who to talk to.

Japanese Hiroshi Miyauchi Counseling for foreigners

As for heart trouble, there is no person who can speak much more. I was the same.

Please understand that the following description is "a unique situation in Japan".

In the case of Japan, during the big family period during the economic growth period, we talked with grandparents, parents, seniors of life and heard direct wisdom from the experiences talks.

It resulted in actions, and by experiencing it became my learning and I arrived.

In the present age, the information that I want and the necessary wisdom and answer are instantly available. On the other hand, I do not get the experience, which is the foundation of learning, that is, the process. I will understand it with my mind. I want an experience, but I can not jump into the process afraid of failure. I can not enjoy the journey of adventure · · ·.


Also, from large families to nuclear families, couples, and individuals. In some cases, changes in lifestyles that people demand are ironically "dividing up family".

Japanese Hiroshi Miyauchi Counseling for foreigners


Japan, which is a latecomer of individualism compared to Europe and the United States, is now in individualism in a mature society.

In addition to the evolution of information technology, the development of information networks, diversification of values has advanced due to the spread of individualism, the freedom of individual choice has expanded.

People who have kept peace of mind with the same surroundings and who are not resistant to individualist society are suffering from excessive stress of self-selection, self-determination, and self-responsibility.


In addition, because the speed of work is fast now, some people feel frustrated because their own growth can not catch up. Some people decide that they are inferior compared to others, others do not lose sight of themselves.

The current competitive society is not an easy environment to consult with other people compared with the past.


In such circumstances, in order to enjoy a healthy daily life and have fun participating in society, it is thought that Heart's self care is important.


To counseling to be available from the counseling to receive

In psychological counseling in Japan, it is a recognition that it is received just before it is too late. However, I believe that it is a society that requires psychological counseling as a prevention from the interview experience of ten years. Necessity will increase further in the future.


In modern Japanese society, familyism is collapsed from the declining birthrate and aging population and the population decrease, and it will become the world of individualism from now on. The world of individualism is an environment that is easy to do when you are in good condition, but there is no lonely and uneasy world as much as it goes wrong. From day to day, face it with your heart consciously and want to use counseling well.

Japanese Hiroshi Miyauchi Counseling for foreigners

People from other countries follow the history of nations, politics, culture, religion, and values, which are different from Japan, and they are present now. On the other hand, we think that "being as selfish as possible" in any environment and scene is "people's theme" which is common to all the world.

Everyone has the answer in myself. No, it is only in me.

Let's face ourselves! Let's harmonize with ourselves! To everyone who decided,

Psychological counseling room "Michishiki" psychological counselor "Hiroshi Miyauchi" will give counseling with emphasis on emotion.

What matters is to face yourself firmly. It is not aiming for a wonderful person other than yourself. I admit life-sized self.

Please also face your precious heart like you love cats by all means. Because living more like yourself is life.


Thank you for reading my self-introduction by Hiroshi Miyauchi.

On the next page, I will introduce the session of the psychotherapy room "Michishiki".

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