I'm Hiroshi Miyauchi and I will do two sessions.

Psychological consultation

札幌 カウンセリング 心理相談室道敷 宮内博志

Such troubles

  • I always feel uneasy about something
  • I can not keep good human relations
  • I can not depend on something
  • Settled with interpersonal fear
  • Communication failure
  • Depressed, lethargic
  • Biased thinking habit
  • Loneliness


  • I do not know how to handle emotions
  • I want to know how to face emotions
  • Is there a way to harmonize with my heart?

Somehow, this situation may continue ...

Those who think so may be a good timing.

Grasping the current psychological state also leads to a reset.


Preventive counseling

Those who refrain from such a turning point

  • Those thinking about retirement
  • Those who are changing jobs now
  • Those who have decided to find a job or change jobs
  • Those planning to go on a journey to find myself
  • Those who have been transferred, transferred, or transferred to a single location
  • People who have refrained from capturing events as "turning point" among themselves
  • Those who think that they want to work positively even "turning point" which can not be categorically captured
Japanese Hiroshi Miyauchi Counseling for foreigners

In order to not be toppled in the new environment

Turning point is an opportunity for you to express yourself, expand and grow.

Dreams and hopes will expand in the new environment. Tenacious and motivated are also activated and become positive.

On the other hand, there may be worries and uneasiness.

There are definite concerns and there are vague anxieties.

If worry and anxiety become bigger, the ability cultivated from your wisdom and experience can not be demonstrated well.

Please discover with me the way of the mind that is not caught up in the confusion in the new environment.


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